Additional Zeolite Related Research & Studies
Clinoptilolite Suspension Research Study
Clinical evidence supporting the use of an activated clinoptilolite suspension as an agent to increase urinary excretion of toxic heavy metals - 2009
New Perspectives for Therapy Study
Biological and therapeutic effects of ortho-silicic acid and some ortho-silicic acid-releasing compounds: New perspectives for therapy - 2013
Lead Disposition (1 of 2)
Modified natural clinoptilolite detoxifies small mammal's organism loaded with lead I. Lead disposition and kinetic model for lead bioaccumulation.
Lead Disposition (2 of 2)
Modified natural clinoptilolite detoxifies small mammal's organism loaded with lead II: genetic, cell, and physiological effects.
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Toxins linked to weight-loss resistance and weight gain:

Toxins linked to hormone imbalance:

Toxins link to neurodegenerative conditions:

Toxins linked to mitochondrial dysfunction:

Toxins linked to birth defects and fetal development:

Toxic heavy metal effects:

Toxins linked to kidney disease:

Roxins linked to thyroid conditions:

Toxins linked to behavioral changes:

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Toxins linked to blood sugar irregularities and diabetes:

Toxins linked to altered immune function:

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Toxins linked to early onset of sexual maturation:

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Toxins linked to obesity later in life:

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